SSD Episode 04: Borge Fagerli Interview on coaching, nutrient timing and being awesome

Borge Fagerli comes on the Sustainable Self-Development Podcast to discuss his views on training, nutrition and self improvement. Borge is a Norwegian strength coach, author and fitness expert.
He puts a lot of emphasis on circadian rhythm optimization, besides getting people jacked and tanned!

Time stamps:

01:07 – Borge’s bio
05:35 – Did you dream of becoming a Mr. Olympia?
07:15 – How do you assess your clients when taking them on?
13:08 – Borge’s approach to nutrient timing: the Biorhythm diet.
27:00 – What’s your approach with macro tracking?
33:15 – How to be awesome? Borge’s complete guide.

Borge’s websites: (English) (Norwegian)

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